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DIY – DC1/2 Solar Pump Kits

The DC1 and DC2 solar pump kits are designed for simple installation. They are a reliable and sensible solution for windmill replacement.

Designed and built in Australia for Australian harsh conditions.

Suitable for Stations and farms where a reliable water supply is required.

Supplied in a kit – with no on-site wiring, just plug and play.

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AC1 and AC2 Solar Bore Pumps

2 axis Active Tracker or Fixed panels. We only use the best USA manufacture solar panels. All models accept Generator / mains input – auto start options available. Suitable for large farms and stations or your primary water source. Designed and built in Australia for Australian conditions.

Can be DIY installed – shipped pre-wired plug and play.

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AC1 and AC2 Irrigation and Water Transfer Pumps.

As per the Solar Bore pumps – accept powering Transfer pumps and Irrigation Pumps of any type – with Solar being the primary source of energy. Constant delivery line pressure for drippers, sprinklers or centre pivots.  For large cattle and sheep stations to transfer stock water over long distances – bore to tank – tank to tank.

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Can’t find what you want?

We try to cover the majority of solar Pump products that customers want in general.  We do a lot of larger projects for customers in Australia and overseas – from Spain to Thailand. Hybrid systems, 24 Hour Solar Pump Battery systems – grid connect and off grid Solar Systems. Larger systems are our speciality.


Australian Bore Pumps objective is to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements by:

  • Providing reliable cost effective solutions to our customers
  • Provide support services to our customers
  • Actively seek performance feed-back from our customers and address opportunities to improve our customer support
  • Continuously improve our products and services to keep abreast of changing technologies



Australian Bore Pumps is an Australian company dedicated to bringing value to its customers. Our main focus is on our customers in regional and remote areas of Australia. We are not a reseller of cheap Asian imported products. Our engineered solar pump systems are designed and manufactured in Australia.

Our focus is to give our customers reliable, cost-effective solar products The company originated by its current management – who are engineers by profession, saw the need to bring new technologies to regional Australia at a commercially justified price. Assisting our end customers to improve the efficiency of their business and to benefit from their investment is our primary business goal. Although our company is based in Adelaide, South Australia we have installed over 2000 bore pump systems in Australia and have a wide base of overseas customers from Spain to Nigeria.

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