AC Transfer & Irrigation Pumps

Our range of larger solar pump systems is divided up into AC1 single phase and AC2 Three phase. We manufacture and assemble the solar controller unit in our Adelaide factory. Designed for Australian conditions – and with additional internal and external cooling to suit hot harsh, dusty conditions. 

The AC1 unit will drive a pump motor up to 2.2KW / 3 HP and will accept a 240V AC generator input. This is probably the most popular solar Pump controller / system we sell. Single or three phase motors / pumps can be run with this unit. Supplied plug and play – IP66 – with or without a solar tracking system. 

Standard AC1 System:

AC1 with 6 panels suitable for pumps motors up to 1.5KW / 2 HP – Recommended generator 5KVa (+)

AC1 with 10 /12 solar panels – suitable for pumps motors up to 2.2 kW /3 HP – Recommended generator 6KVa (+)

Standard AC2 System:

AC2 with 12 panels for 3KW/ 4HP 3 phase pump motor. – Recommended generator 7.5KVa (+)

AC2 with 18 panels for 4KW / 5.5Hp 3 Phase pump motor – Recommended generator 10KVa (+)

Typical AC1 and AC2 vertical multistage pump solutions: 

Note: the same chart applies to vertical multistage transfer, centrifugal or screw type pump motors.

AC2 for 3 Phase 400 / 415V 50HZ motors driven by solar and or 415V 3 phase grid / generator.

AC solar Pump Standard Kits and Engineered solutions Australian Bore Pumps AC pumps kits are the latest in new technology. The standard kits cover the most popular.

AC systems offer more advantages – (for larger systems up to 155HP)

  • Hybrid
  • All AC pumping units accept a generator input (single or three phase)
  • You can run a 3 phase pump with a single phase generator or grid power.
  • Existing pumps using a generator can be used and powered by solar either single or three phase.
  • Pump speeds are variable to suit requirements. ⦁ Our range of AC pumps is very comparatively priced
  • Single Phase 240V / 3 Phase 220V or 3 phase 415V motors can be used.
  • The required generator size / capacity is more than halved to run single phase pumps.
  • Any electric motor can be powered – does not have to be submersible pump so the same system can run multiple pump systems or any electric motor.

Transfer pumps are used for irrigation and water transfer over long distances. Pipe design is important in these applications, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

AC 1 Solar Transfer Pump with Tracker 

Installed Feb 2017 – NSW 

Pump is 3 HP – Vertical Multi Staged

Pushing water 42 KM via 63mm Pipe line

Line pressure 140 PSI 

                                                                        Daily out-put (average) 60,000L 

                                                                        Supply tank to multiple stock tanks.

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