About Us

About Us

Our goal is to design and build the best solar pumps in the world.

Australian Bore Pumps is an Australian company dedicated to bringing value to its customers. Our main focus is on our customers in regional and remote areas of Australia. We are not a reseller of cheap Asian imported products. Our engineered solar pump systems are designed and manufactured in Australia

Our focus is to give our customers reliable, cost-effective solar products The company originated by its current management – who are engineers by profession, saw the need to bring new technologies to regional Australia at a commercially justified price. Assisting our end customers to improve the efficiency of their business and to benefit from their investment is our primary business goal. Although our company is based in Adelaide, South Australia we have installed over 2000 bore pump systems in Australia and have a wide base of overseas customers from Spain to Nigeria

Our bore pump products are number 1 for quality and long-term durability, we do this by ensuring that we only use quality components. All our bore pumps and installations are backed by an minimum 3 year warranty for our customers’ peace of mind although the lifetime of our products is designed to far exceed the warranty period.

If you are looking for a complete solution, one of our pump experts will design and tailor a system to meet your exact needs which will then be installed by our team. We also have solar pump DIY packages available if you are looking to install a dc solar pump system yourself. All the information you need to help you choose the best solar bore pump setup for your application is available on our website.

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