Solar Tracking Systems

Solar Tracking Systems

Our solar tracking system is a two-axis system. Horizontal movement is 200 degrees morning until night, vertical movement is zero to 35 degrees from the horizontal.

What is the advantage of using a tracking system over adding more solar panels?

• You can only add so many panels before the open circuit voltage is above the input range of the solar pump.
• The seasons change – the sun is in different positions over the seasons, so unless you are prepared to move your panel positions every two weeks- Good luck for a maximum efficiency system
• If a cloud covers the direct sun, our active 2 axis tracker system will check every 5 seconds and make sure the solar panels are in the most optimal position to achieve peak efficiency for your solar bore pump
• We supply the most efficient solar panels available on the market. SunPower X360 panels produce 45% more energy in their first year than traditional panels and after being in use for 25 years X360 Panels produce 81% more energy than traditional panels. Using a 6-panel tracker, we can produce more water than we can with 12 standard tier one Chinese panels using the same bore, same pump, same pump inverter. The extra investment in buying quality products will pay off. If you would like more information about SunPower solar panels, check out the link below


Each tracker can hold 6 panels, totaling up to 2160w

Some of our typical systems are.

  • 1.5KW (2HP) Pump  combined with a 2160w solar tracking system
  • 2.2KW (3HP) Pump  combined with 2 x 1962w solar tracking systems
  • 3KW (4HP) Pump  combined with 2 x 2160w solar tracking systems
  • 4KW (5.5HP) Pump  combined with  3 x 2160w solar tracking systems
  •  We also custom design larger systems to suit your applications needs


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