Why Our Solar Bore Pumps Are The Best In The Industry

Why Our Solar Bore Pumps Are The Best In The Industry


Our aim as an Australian business is to become a world leader in the design and manufacture of Solar Pump Systems.  Whether a submersible bore pump, water transfer pump or irrigation pump, our goal is to be a leader, not a follower.

We live in one of the driest continents on earth where without ground water, many parts of this land would be very difficult or impossible to inhabit.

Solar energy brings great opportunities to power a wide variety of equipment, solar pumps, solar transfer pumps etc. As technology changes we need to keep abreast of advances in the area of renewable energy. We only use high quality electronic components in all of our solar pump controllers to ensure they are durable in Australias hot and dry conditions. The heat of the outback combined with heat generated by other components in pump controllers can cause the capacitors in cheaply designed controllers to dry out in the short run causing intermittent operation and potential damage to the bore pump and solar panels.

Our focus is to bring this technology to our customers where it is commercially justified and not just for fun.  Our products are not always the cheapest on the market and if price is your focus, we are probably not a good fit for you.

Our suppliers are our partners and we have chosen them because our focus is on reliable, quality equipment, suitable for harsh environments where dust and heat are part of every day. We build our solar pump controllers in our Adelaide factory, and are specifically designed for Australian conditions.

Displaying the Australian made logo with pride, we are proud to support local companies where ever we can, as we believe that supporting local business will also support our future.

I hope our products are of interest to you and that we have the opportunity to support your business also.


Best Regards

Australian Bore pumps Team.

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